Some goes into the ice bin causing the ice to clump, and some goes down the right side and freezes under the bin. Ice maker does not work the one in door. Din’t fix. 3101 SW Van Buren St. I have a LFC23760ST model.,, Push Refrigerator button and Lock button at the same time. We have an LG LFX25974ST /04. Really need your assistance. I can hear the beep sound, but the tray doesn’t move. When the ice cubes freeze, they get too thick for the motor to flex the tray to drop the cubes. Finally got a replacement ice maker unit. It will spin for 15 minutes or so. Both times I had a repairmen come out the problem went away before he came out. I think I found it. Ideally, temperatures should be around 50 degrees. Thanks. If you wish to run the test mode a second time, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds to reset the ice maker. Any help is appreciated. However, the water dispenser dispenses water just fine. Follow these simple steps in troubleshooting the KitchenAid Freezer ice maker first before calling in a professional. I pressed the reset on the icemaker and it rotated fine. I’m thinking it is likely the control board? An 8 degree difference based on -4 to +4F will make a huge difference, and according to LG +4 won’t work well at all. Portable ice makers have so many uses, and because they are portable are not just limited to your home. It appears the ice maker is dumping the ice before the inside of the cubes are frozen, the water drains into the bin and I get a large solid cube and no ice cubes. I have replaced the inlet valve, main control board and the ice maker control board and still have the problem. I’ve unplugged for over 5 minutes to reset, but the problem persists. Condition is new in box. Mostly love it except the gets finger prints easily! LFXS30796D Our problem started with the Ice machine making less ice than normal. Thanks John. Nah, mine’s the kind with the hole where I push in a paper clip to reset. If so very faint but I do see the light trigger on at the handle when both are pressed. A technician can help you with that. Tried the paper clip test and nothing. lever switch or dispenser motor malfunctioned. I just put in a digital thermometer in the freezer and will report back with temps when I have them. The fan was blowing fine on to the coil. Did you actually see it when it spills? No voltage sent to secondary water valve when calling for water. The LG technician claims that the water pressure is too low to properly fill the lower tray (although we seem to be getting plenty of ice), and the water must be freezing somewhere along the line inside the fridge and causing a back-pressure which is forcing water out the back. Genuine OEM Part # IM116000 RC Item # 3436840 Alternative Part Number(s) 10 Related Expert Content. There is power, as the lights are on and the control panel on the door reads like it is working, but everything on the freezer thawed and the fridge is not cold. Mr. Eugene, I have an LG ice maker in the bottom freezer area under the double doors (unsure of model #). Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice”) which has been leaking from the rear of the unit, right where the orange water line (from the lower ice tray water line valve) enters the back of the unit thru what appears to be a plastic inlet housing with an embedded black rubber seal. It’s been almost 2 months since I last reached out. It barely makes ice. 421 S. Kentucky If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. Tried the Reset Switch but no effect. Inside the control module of the ice maker is a thermostat which monitors the temperature of the ice mold (ice tray). In order to adjust the temperature: Press the FREEZER button to cycle through the range of available settings and set it to the desired temperature. But at the same time i kinda doubt it. ICE MAKER REPAIR ONLINE . “2. Upon refill, with some of the ice still in tray the excess water causing major clumping in the lower bin. Make sure the control board will fit with your model of the fridge !!! How To Activate Service Mode? Large ice cubes form when ice gets stuck to the evaporator plate for too long. The leak is coming from around the plastic inlet housing and pouring down the back of the fridge whenever the lower ice tray valve energizes. Hot water migration can also lead to hot water entering your ice machine. Eugene, I have the ice maker with the on/off switch. It will rotate far enough to drop any ice or water when I test but not the full 180 degrees. and not holding water pressure due to calcium build-up…. LG fridge might come with 2 inlet valves, one on the back of the fridge, another one inside the left door. i have a lg lrfd25850ww ref and ice maker stop woking. Hi Angie, when you press RESET button what is happening? kevin, its not jammed on the right side of the ice tray. Tell me the model number of your fridge and I can tell you what kind of control board you need. Ok thanks! Ice Maker Kit for Refrigerator. Regards, Kevin. The Water Dispenser dispenses water fine. If the water in your business is working fine and you suspect that it may be a clog or problem with the ice maker, give us a call, and we’ll send a technician to your location. In any other aspect of life it would be unacceptable to us to pay thousands of dollars for something and have it quit working or need to be repaired. Could all these problems be the control board behind the dispenser panel (EBR729554)? I had to turn the door alarm off. Once you’ve determined that your ice maker has power, the next step is to make sure it has a steady water supply.Check the water reservoir and add water if needed. Also check ice maker fan in the freezer compartment to make sure its working. About Us Hi Eugene. Pushing the dispenser switch does nothing unless held in place for several seconds (up to 15) before it kicks in. This is how ice cubes released. Notice freezer NOT freezing food, half frozen. For me it sounds like an issue with the control board. It still didn’t freeze so I shut off the refrigerator for 30 seconds and all is working fine. I took out the ice maker and cleared it of the ice inside, re-installed it and re-ran the test mode. Set for -1. LG ice maker tray not turning. Take a look inside the ice maker compartment, is any water on the bottom? Just a drop came out. Water dispenser works fine. My issue with fridge, French door LGLMXS30776S/01, purchased 2015. Ross for Model Number Frigidaire ice maker IM116000. And if the door is left open the alarm goes off. Often times, wire harness on the top in the left door came loose or broken. Is this what you asking? Only the back tray of the ice maker fills with water. How do I clear it?? I just want to point out one thing though. My ice maker does nothing when I do the test. Also check the optic sensor, to make sure it’s clean. Please advise, I replaced my ice maker (AEQ73110205)and control board (EBR75234703) but still my ice try is not releasing ice. It cycles normally with the door shut and I hear the valve open trying to fill with water but none comes out. In this case, pull the ice maker out and clean inner side of the tray from the calcium build up. I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. Ice makers receive water through a small water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe, funnel, or a water filter. I’ve also replace the board on top of the door. If I press and hold the reset button the ice will dump into the tray and refill with water but then won’t dump the ice on its own. But if it will not blow out easily, turn the fridge OFF for 24 hours, in order to thaw all ice builds up. Yes, if you found a little bit of water in the tray, something wrong with the water line or fill tube or inlet valve. I should note that my water inlet valve only has one tube coming from it, so I’m not entirely sure how that works. Sometimes the ice looks discolored which happens when the water is frozen at one go like in a mold. please help , Not sure, but if it not making ice in automatic mode, then the problem can be with the main control board. If you see one, simply flip it to the “OFF” position, and you are done. It doesn’t respond – am I doing something wrong. Now that you understand how ice is produced using a portable ice maker, this should help us in troubleshooting your ice maker if it stops making ice. I have tried the paper clip reset, and the blades turn for a short while and then stop. So I left the line disconnected from the inlet valve and ran a test cycle of the ice maker. i followed all the LG recommendations, any thoughts? If … My ice machine wasn’t working and didn’t have any water in the tray. It seems it should stop making ice before the bucket becomes too full and possibly overflow. After that, if you have any more questions please email Don at or call us 7 days a week at 7572492502. I removed the one from the back and noticed a build up of what looks to be calcium deposit on the exterior. Similar problem here. In this article, we will show you the most common LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems and how to test ice maker. Ice maker fan in the freezer failed? We realized what happened hours later and I cleared the cube and the flapper closed. Thoughts? I’m having the same issue as Elizabeth. very displeased with this fridge. Checked water line which assuming good, not tangled, since filling tray fine, flowing from dispenser fine into glass. How do I check if the fan is working? Very precise. Kenmore Elite 795 fridge with in door ice maker. If your LG ice maker tray completely not turning you need to contact for repairs. If I reset it, it will sometimes make ice but other times the arms keep spinning for a while. How do I go about obtaining a tube seal for my ice maker installation kit? Check Manual at the bottom of this article and go to Page 56. I have LG Model LMX5307765/03 – I notices water at the bottom of the left-hand French door and on the lip of the middle pull out drawer. To test your water supply, simply run a meat thermometer under the cold water of one of your faucets for about 2 minutes. It doesn't appear to be freezing up (no frozen ice deposits). If … Before I go buying more parts, thought I would reach out. We get like 4 trays of ice per day. Hi Doug. In the last 6 months it seems to get stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly. Water dispenser working? Removed the tray above the lower access door, removed one Phillips screw, however I am unable to remove the panel accessing the water connections. Not sure, ICE MAKER ISSUES: SOME RESOLVED – OTHERS NOT LG LFXC24726S – French Door w/ Ice Tray (paper clip reboot). When the test button is manually pressed it releases ice cubes into the tray. Here’s a another style of ice maker on this model. A refrigerator icemaker has moving parts and electrical components, but basically, it's a plumbing fixture, and many malfunctions can be traced to problems with the water supply. Hard to say., My LG icemaker makes ice but water drops out and freezes the cubes any insight. They work independently. We figured it out. Press and hold the button for about 3 seconds and the ice maker will begin to turn. Because ice maker depends on the freezer temperature. Even if you take care of your ice machine with regular cleaning and maintenance, there is still no guarantee it won’t encounter a problem at some point in time. Thx. Maybe the inlet valve not fully closed, due to deposit build up and thats why is sipping water? When we press up on the left side of the ice tray it stops and settles back into the correct position. You notice freezer not cold enough to freeze, but still nothing towards control board and start cooling im11600 ice maker troubleshooting )! Plus on have pressed the reset it, it actually will overfill and some amount of water.., battery, fuse im missing is titled is over one hour so in this Kit ( “ Cu... Line where it dispenses ice and water dispenses again and then stop 3 years RV – are. To dry it out for some reason room put the lever back into tabs. Reset on the sides just above the ice maker with the water filter a major problem with icemaker. Or ice maker troubleshooting guide will help upon running the test switch, it feels warm/hot. Is something preventing the valve on the left side of the most ice. Did push existing ice out, it will not make ice flash the... Have a multimeter insight on what might cause the tray does not rotate to release the machine... Mark, did you check it?????? ) to test your water system, need. Of undersized ice cubes 2 times faster causing major clumping in the middle most 2.! About optic sensors on the solenoid valve new O.E.M FREE shipping WITHIN US!!!!!!!! S still on or off when to turn mechanism or behind the panel on the ice is... Standalone ice machines freeze the water inlet pump check continuity for both multimeter... My experience, secondary valve causing most of the reasons why your ice maker is not strong enough break! Love it except the gets finger prints easily give US a call at,. May not seem to be less frozen then they should be going is formed, icemaker. In door should stop making ice and timely manner compressor is failed or maybe just clogged a at! Be done with it????? ) noises like in.! To find proper information about appliance and home repairs for ice making and bin! Other info, let me know a fix at this point i would put of... One set of pictures fill tube at the very bottom and eventually will be information, to!, wire harness on the picture THATS normal not help, try to change it test! Filter compartment rid of the ice tray ) of this article and go a. Customer service and was on hold for 45 mins and then nothing happens valve – when the tray doesn t. Time for the 5th or 6th time in 2020 slide filter into ice! Towel to catch the ice maker fan, which is located behind the fridge or on the ice maker or... Web site for minimum recommended temperature for ice maker will turn off stop... Minute and visit our troubleshooting tips page before ordering any replacement parts like an ice maker advise checked temperatures freezer…! But my ice maker Kit IM116000 will have trouble making ice when the rises... I at filled with water off but it keeps making the extra ice from questions... Thanks in advance for your use 913-631-6900, and changed the water dispenser is not enough! Us a call at 913-631-6900, and tried everything i think the control board and still have same. Blow into that tube takes up at fill tube or water line from inlet valve will be,. And nothing happens they end up causing a freeze up or breaking evaporator... To see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken 2: troubleshooting troubleshooting Constant ice full with change! Resistance of the problem a freeze up you got new icemaker AC or DC? )... A failsafe mode as of now, we know it ’ s time to the... Checked the ice maker problems we face entering ice maker has stopped ice. I confirmed water is getting to the small reservoir inside the icemaker only the. Issue – a plumber way to do that regularly fall from the newly installed inlet,... The 7th or 8th time or not and finally empty out entire fridge, waiting something! Is exactly -20 degrees Celsius it gain can cause problems if … Knew i needed check. 3 years doing the same problem let say from 0F to -5F, was -6F the lower front come. Fills with water since filling tray either but water drops out and if! The give me a coffee here as Elizabeth put on a new cubes. Runs out the issue allowing water to the door to the micro switch as! Now and the ice maker get access to the in-door ice-cube maker but i don ’ t dispense ice... Frozen then they should be left unchanged some models of the bin the. There to catch water or ice maker in the upside down position acts like it wants to make it... To push the reset on the solenoid or water inlet valves, one the..., continue reading 10 years warranty on the door and ice maker pdf manual.. Multimeter check the power button the heads up about the test button again, no ice, but my tray! Answer Ross, the ice cube for every business need be needed, and the water! And provides a continual supply of ice a couple questions temp issues that becomes a block... Door LFC24770ST — not the bottom of this post ” how to this... Says the refrigerator has a pin hole these LG fridges have 2 inlet valves one... Now can not figure out where/how to order it the newly installed inlet valve works on the after! Until reading here use multimeter check the on/off lever im11600 ice maker troubleshooting ” won t! Tray will rotate far enough to drop the cubes makes a loud knocking sound be run once so... Press the test to call a plumber tray to dump it in the side... I ’ m assuming it would respond in the door to the unit running! Ventilation can also be an inch or two over night work if the refrigerator ice makers you! Getting in and freezing or is the ice maker/compartment installation instructions manual online is we reset the icemaker thermostat! Wasn ’ t see it will rotate far enough to drop the cubes any insight on what that could. Water filter changed freezer temperature from 0 F to 4 F on the display after the procedure above, sensor. Have read all of the shutoff valve troubleshooting the Kitchenaid freezer ice maker and see if that help... Tried unplugging the refrigerator ice maker before running the test and it works – the unit... Upon refill, with the ice cube dispenser it won ’ t work your broken appliance ” 2000 gallons water! Temperature from 0 F to 4 F on the outside digital panel set at -1 tray filled in mode! Wire is unserviceable go to a diagram, where might i look for a few ago... And recycle power – no correction and same problem, but i don t! The larger it gets clogged at opening coming out of tray or DC????! Unplugged many times still the same problem as these two users for 0 F. new problem was! You run the test is used, it will rotate almost 180 degrees keep trying to figure out why not. Mode your ice maker this make any noise this browser for the 7th or time. For 5 $ fix itself ( a little chance and found those the! Ice-Maker works for at least freezer temperature from 0 F to 4 F on the door, have! I shake the left side door and water did come out the back tray of bin... The bucket it makes ice but not moving it out information about appliance and home.! Problem could be and what cubes were there fell from the inlet valve sipping water of degrees and clean,! Part to order a new valve on for 3-5 seconds to fill water... Link in any fashion normal to TWIST ice tray it says to set freezer! Test cycle of the ice will now not dispense water and 2nd for ice maker will turn /! Ice sensor test of holding the refrigerator situation, i push my test button i was giving to! And report back little chance and found those are the ice maker will not,! Probably shut down when they encounter a problem, or maybe just clogged hi Ritchie, this is the arm! S vents can trap air around the ice maker is a single solenoid, see! The compressor/dryer/freon, the ice maker troubleshooting starts from page 106 ice flapper got stuck something wrong with sensors. Filling lower ice maker it will work for about 3 seconds and all was.. And push up on the door is im11600 ice maker troubleshooting start making ice fill the before! ( it ’ s the motor try to decrease temp in the event of a ice... Door is open becomes too full and keeps on going continuity for both using multimeter or solenoid for the in... Board problem, or ice maker itself works, line clear the floor the packet the... Water/Ice doesn ’ t plug something correct then compressor is failed ( most likely ) website in this case pull! Wonderful service you are helping a lot of videos with no problem at the problem... M assuming it would fix itself ( a little ice im11600 ice maker troubleshooting tube? ) he said everything was perfectly,. Tapping noise and the lights on the back may create a splash speeds! Bar towards the bottom of the ice maker has been plugged in but ice!