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To your healthy diet, and LOWERING CHOLESTEROL:

Dr. Yennís natural Home Remedy & own success of 77 pt in 3 month, from 248 --> 171.


1)      Eat oatmeal every AM.  If too plain, add Campbell 's tomato or chicken broth to taste like spaghetti or chicken noodle.

2)      Exercise 3-4x per week aerobic jog 25-35 min each.

3)      Increase fish intake, vegetable, leafy greens & fruits.

4)      Change milk 2% --> 1% 1 glass before sleep w/ cereal w/ heart assoc indication, such as plain Cheerios.  If yogurt, try non-fat version.

5)      Tablets w/ meals:   a) fish oils (omega fatty acids), 1-2 pill(s) every day.

                b) garlic pill at evenings.

                c) multi vitamin daily.  

                d) baby Aspirin 81mg daily (do not take if on Plavix, Coumadin, Pletal, Trental, other blood thinners, or pre-existing blood conditions)

6)      Change to olive oil for all oil cookings

7)      Red wine *, 100% grape wine Ĺ cup, evenings only, with meals.

8)      Moderation nuts, sunflower seeds, light juices instead of soda.

9)    Flax seed meal powder (Trader Joes), can add to non-fat yogurt or milk/cereal.

10)   Mental awareness of cholesterol, food, & exercise;           

          Conscious effort: read labels (Monounsaturated fats are good.  Saturated fats are very bad.)

          Physiologic awareness: in touch w/ own bodyís biochem.

11)   Never smoke/d, avoid outdoors when smoggy air

12)   Read about cholesterol, medical books, pamphlets, listen to audio tapes Ė self help books, talk to others' successes, docís / cardiologists.

13)   Consistency and moderation is key; an everyday pattern, the routine becomes natural.

14)   Pray


"I care about diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, both of which are very damaging to your feet and heart.  Good luck !"  

- Dr. Dennis Yennwww.dyenn.com

*Caution: alcohol is NOT recommended if you or your family has a history of alcoholism.  Alcohol's benefits to the heart have been studied and researched, but it is not a definitive treatment for high cholesterol.  Combination of good diet and exercise are most highly recommended.  Alcohol may only be used as an adjunct to good health habits, and is only to be used in moderation; preferably after dinner, or several hours before bedtime.  Alcohol is known to impair memory, cause drug interactions, pregnancy complications, and is illegal and deadly when driving under its influence.  Consult your doctor first if you are on any prescribed medications, or have any liver conditions.

Disclaimer: The above is a conservative, natural home remedy to lower cholesterol and is by no means a definitive resolution of CAD and/or high cholesterol problems.  You must consult your primary doctor first for an evaluation and/or if medications may be needed.

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