Infact the tab for it in game allows me to junction Elemantal -Attack and Defense but I have no option to junction any magic in the EL-A/D tab. Demi (HP reduced to 1/4) 5. For example, it's better to junction 100 fires to your strength as opposed to only 10 fires. Oct 27, 2017 Good to hear from you. She lifts her arm into the air, gathering a chilling energy that is forcefully blasted upon all enemies. Now give your main party all Death-weapons (junction 100 Death to your status-atk-J) and train to level 100 on the Island Closest to Hell. ST-ATK Death, Blind and Silence ST-Defense junction. This guide shows you the growth rate of attributes by using proper magic in junction system (+ contains a map with hidden draw points and some basic information about Magic Junction System). AP can be farmed this way. demi is also very good for HP and defence. Get 100 Death and Junction it to Stat-Def. FF8 Shiva GF . Boss Moveset. Strategy Speed is everything in this battle. Every journey starts somewhere! I have no idea if this is just me, But I can't Junction any Magic to my Status - Attack or Defense. Selphie's weapon, the Nunchaku, is a short range weapon, and it's not very strong either so I recommend that you a) junction strong spells and abilities to boost her strength or b) simply let others do the physical work and make her a magic user, because she's predestined for that. Deal with him as before and keep a close watch over his HP. More Related. And so far it's been fairly understandable. Awaking from her sleep, the goddess of ice shatters her icy slumber. Have your main party go to the switch point in front of the fountain in Ultimecia Castle. There is a draw point in Galbadia in the Monterosa Plateau or later in Ultimecia's Castle Art Gallery that are repeatably accessible. also make sure you are at a reasonable level not like me though cause i was at like 20, have diablos and as much gf as you can have up to this point. ... FF8 was good , I loved the junction system , triple triad is the best ff mini game and FF8 has the best boss theme. The missle base scenes with the party fake death wasn't much of a sell, but I'm guessing that the developers weren't going for that anyway. Once you’ve defeated - or rather, momentarily deterred - the dragon, Squall will run off, shortly thereafter joined by his companion(s). That isn't to say there wasn't any fun parts. Meteor 3. ... GF Junction: Greiver-Lv. Teaches a Guardian Force the ability: Luck-J allowing character to junction magic to the Luck stat. Blind, Silence, Thundaga, BiteBite. 100 Death tot he Status Def. A love story, the standard "big evil villain trying to take over the world", flying around the map, etc. cagey. The thing that determines what stats you can junction spells to is the GF junction abilities. curagas and life and fulll life can easily boost HP to 9999 i use haste for speed because its easier to find than triple. Another tip I would add would be to junction "Death" in your Status-Attack slot. Allows character to junction an element to his/her physical attacks; e.g. Board the Ragnarok, go to the passenger area, and head for the … Recent Final Fantasy's have not allowed many status spells to work against the enemies you needed them to... for example, death and silence spells against tougher enemies, the opponent would … To summarize: pick your party, make sure they’re junction up so they’re immune to death, not dealing any elemental damage, each have 9,999 HP and as high of a Str score as possible, unless you’re using Rinoa and going for her Angel Wing + Meteor combo, then focus on Mag. Even if no Death was junctioned to ST-ATK, Propagators are very weak and will die in a few hits. Give each of your characters a GF with Abilityx4 (or give your GFs Abilityx4 - use a Rosetta Stone), and equip them with each a different ability bonus, whichever you want to increase. 99, Hp-9999,Mp-9999 Sheva:Lv. Attack it with the Death status ailment and it dies instantly. a good way is to get squall into critical status or cast aura on him and get him to do renzokuken on edea. There must be 15 or more members befor the fighting begins. Rinoa isn't Ultimecia. Propagator - … Makes random encounters super quick, and even gets rid of a few bosses. if you junction Fire to Elem-Atk, that character's physical attacks will carry the Fire element. This is a page on how to obtain Death magic in the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (FFVIII, FF8), For information about Death's effects, which enemies you can draw this magic from, and where to find draw points with Death, please read on. Final Fantasy VIII is the follow-up to the incredibly successful Final Fantasy VII.It was developed for the PlayStation and it had the same graphics capabilities yet it featured much more realistic graphics when compared to the more cartoonish appearances of characters in Final Fantasy VII. Diamond Dust The frozen body of Shiva arises from the ground. HP to 1 on all characters (9998 damage to all) 4. Give one Auto-Haste. When given a choice, pick the option H-Hold on a sec… and the dragon will kindly give you time to retreat, use a Save Point, and adjust your junctions. 99, Hp-9999,Mp-9999 ... Hastaga, slowaga, Gravija, Death Lv.10, Firaga, Blizzaga, Flareaga, Thundaga, Death Deminsion,Aero. Battle and junction effects and refinement/drawing information for the Death Stone item in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) Final Fantasy VIII. As part of a FF8 Walkthrough, this guide teaches you how to determine which character the GF is most compatible with, and shows you how to Junction a GF to a Final Fantasy VIII 8 Character. ff8-Junction.mid. Later on when you can draw Death from an enemy, draw 100 of them and junction them to Squall's status attack. 9999 damage to a single character. 8 The Empty Future Final Fantasy VIII is a game about time travel, as the main villain is actually a Sorceress from the future who has found a way to manipulate events in the past. Seifer's power has increased but his HP are lower. Junction Death to ST-Atk to kill the monsters in one hit. i never bothered getting much ultima. All it took to make Final Fantasy VIII laughably easy was a little creativity with the Junction system. What you need: - Auto-Potion (Leviathan, Cactuar and Tonbery GFs have this) with plenty of Elixirs (mod Angelo's Card for 100 of them). Status Junction, believe it or not, can change the tide of the battle. Mega Death (you will know when you see it) 6. Everyone should have item. Death 2. This will boost a lot your stats to the max and the last 3 is for the Malboros since if they use bad breath the attack only will cause sleep on you . Meltdown is one of the best spells in the game, useful against all bosses. I have missed 2 but is that right? Laguna Flashback & Esthar (Part 1) - FF8 Guide At the top of every page of my Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough I will have a list of the most important GF Abilities for you to learn as well as my personal preference for who to junction GFs to for this part of the story. if you junction flare to strength its very easy to get to 255 strength. Member. It will instant kill with a 75% chance anything that isn't immune to death magic. Pro Tip: Chat with other MIDI fans on our Discord server! 1. Okay, so I've been playing through FF8, finally. For example, you need str-junction, (found on Shiva and Ifrit early game) to junction spells to strength. 2.You have a choice of using FF8 characters, Kingdom Hearts (1, CoM, or2) 3. Draw Death from Tonberrys at the Centra Ruins. ... refine Ice and Water element spells for players and allow them to use the Doom ability to zap foes with an automatic death … Ultimecia is a sorceress from the future that takes the name after Sorceresses get bad reps from historic records of Ultimecia, so she uses the Junction Machine Ellone to send her consciousness back into the past to prove them right as revenge or somesuch, causing the entire thing to begin with. Strategy. In Final Fantasy VIII the Junction system is used to increase the characters' power, stats, and abilities. 2. Demi 7. A third character should have Iniative and GF. JUNCTION.MID. Death, Confuse, and Berserk are necessary for junctions to Status Defense. 160: Elem-Def-J: Allows character to junction an element to his/her defense; e.g. Released in 1999, it is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. So junction Haste to Speed, equip Cerebrus' Haste as well. id you dont collect card you can mod them too easily get 100 quakes and demis for everyone. Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation console. if she casts meltdown then just cast esuna on everyone but squall first. It looks good, though I would go into a little more detail about the Low 2-C key description. Sailor Moon - Death of Tuxedo Kamen.mid. Tuxedo-Junction-2.mid. Luck affects a character’s likelihood of hitting with an attack unless they already have 255% hit (Squall starts off already having 255% hit), evasion and chance of getting a critical hit. Get Squall/zell down to limit break hp. Something like "The End can one shot Final Form Ultimecia, tho Junction Death to ST-Def. 17.Easy Victory: Junction 100 Death Spells to your Status-Attack and kill most enemies instantly.