I hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism, just don’t want other mammas to wind up like me :) Yours turned out super cute, congrats on #4!!! Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial! Then, place your backing piece and your front piece together, with RIGHT SIDES together.  Be sure that the fabrics are both laying the same direction, with the front fabric smaller than the backing fabric, all the way around.  Match up one of the sides of your 2 pieces……however, they obviously are different lengths.  So, match up the center pins of both pieces and then line up the edges. Adorable! I’ve been doing LOTS of these little “cuddlers” for a good while. Oh, and at the opening, pin the top layer of fabric under a 1/2 inch… …and then pin in place. :), Emma, those owls are FABULOUS! Place fabric 2 (the larger piece of fabric) right side up on the floor. Thanks for sharing! I ended up cutting the corners straight up instead of on a 45. If you’re confused about each mitered corner, then this little trick is almost easier to understand once you have your fabric in hand. I just got back from Fabric.com, and am awaiting my MINKY fabric! Then fold again so that the Minky overlaps the quilt top by about 3/8″. Trim the excess minky with your scissors. Can you make this bigger? I also used spray fabic glue to hold the two fabrics together, as both ides are super soft, they can be quilted or just the topstitched edge. That. What genius!! Now when handing the pieces the shedding/fuzzies are left outside. Do you have a video or anything to show me how to do this? Thank you. I believe several people had asked how to make a blanket with different dimensions than the example. He is a two-time IRONMAN triathlon finisher, USC Trojan and self-proclaimed breakfast burrito connoisseur. Just finished one if these it is awesome! Use the Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold your binding in place while sewing binding to the back of quilt. And yeah, minky fabric is pretty pricey.  But still, the cost of making this was still cheaper than buying more “emergency” blankets from Pottery Barn.  And the color selections are so much better when you make your own.  PLUS, there’s just something fun about making something yourself that you know will be loved and cuddled and snuggled. Again, thank you. Pin around the edges, every few inches, leaving a 6” gap on one side. ;-). It’s also a great way to showcase some of your favorite prints of fabric since you don’t have to cut them up into tiny pieces! We’ve recently inherited a new kitten and it seems she was separated from her mother too soon. I love the easy appliqué too! Our National Educator talks through her tips and tricks on how to sew perfect bindings every time with Cuddle® minky plush fabric. You simply need to be sure to cut your backing fabric (which is also your binding fabric) 10 inches wider and longer than the front piece. One day I noticed he was getting very attached to the blanket, and knowing that I didn’t want to drag that big thing everywhere with us I sewed up a smaller owl security blanket using a minky fabric. Never worked with minky fabric before. I would also recommend pre-washing all fabric (and ironing) before making this blanket. :), Your blanket turned out great and I’m sure your little guy will love it! Open up the satin binding, fold the ends in as pictured … Yes you can Amber. Fabulous tutorial, thank, you so much. Might be my favorite pintest pin to date!! I … The first part in the very beginning when you matched up the middle w the 4 inches on each side confused me because you are creating a border on 3 sides not 4, and then it created a border on EXTRA long fabric on one of the 3 ends. The original tutorial for the minky blanket is here with all the instruction of how to make this blanket (with a real binding). Pin well along all sides of the quilt. Your outside folded edge and point should also be square and right on the top corner of the quilt. so glad i found your blog! 1 yard Minky fabric. I love this! Essentially, traditional binding is when you finish an edge of a quilt or blanket by sewing on trim. Scroll down to watch a related video on how to use Cuddle® minky fabric on a cotton quilt. And thanks Emma, glad you’re enjoying them! Fold blanket binding in half and pin in place to secure. Use regular or Jumbo Wonder Clips when sewing the binding to the front of the quilt. :). Thank you. This is *exactly* what I need for my goddaughters’ first birthdays! While you can buy Minky Dot blankets like this already made, they are normally pretty pricey. Then sew along your line and trim away the excess fabric. What would be the measurements for it? This self-binding baby blanket is the project for you! Use a long stitch length to help the minky slide through the presserfoot. I hope the blanket is one of many that I make! So, Ashley, you can add “Enabler” to your list of talents….. How to Sew a Pumpkin with Cuddle® Minky Plush Fabric (& Video Tutorial), Harry Potter Durmstrang Dress Cosplay Sewing Tutorial (& Video), Basic Binding Techniques for Cuddle® Minky Plush Fabric (& Video Tutorial), for binding, but they work slightly differently. I hope this is not inappropriate, to add the link I found on YouTube. Then fold again so that the Minky overlaps the quilt top by about 3/8″. This week, for Sew Together Tuesday, Shannon Fabrics National Educator Teresa Coates goes all-in on binding Cuddle® minky plush fabric quilts and blankets. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I haven’t been successful in a % off coupon in months! Machine stitch, binding to the felt by making a seam 1/8 inch from the inside edge of the binding. I have some thermal knit im making into a blanket for my soon to be 2 year old. Ashley – do you have any tips on cutting the Minky? The backing fabric wanted to overhang too much on one side and not others so making the corners was very hard and tricky. What a very cute idea :) Maybe you could do a guest post on here……, Oh my goodness… I’ve bound other things with the same piece of backing fabric, but it never occurred to me to do it this way. I love the look of the mitered corners, but I want a little more weight to the finished product beyond the flannel and minky I have. Mine turned out perfect!! I love your blog and wait each week to see what project you will come up with next. I just want to let you know that the part regarding cutting off the minky corners at the right angle, well, it was a little hard to follow. I made one that had cupcakes printed on it recently for my grandniece. 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And I’m sure you’ve run your fingers across Minky Fabric before…….but in case you haven’t, ahhhhhhh, it’s the softest type of fabric you’ll ever touch.  Like, triple teddy bear soft.  And those little bumps on the backing of this particular minky?  I love it for babies.  Such a great texture. Thanks Lynnette…..and I agree, I’m loving that crisp blue with the gray. I know I will just end up ruining the fabric if I try to unpick it… what is your suggestion??? :). A good receiving blanket size is 36 inches square. Crossing my fingers I can knock out two for these twin girls, and your self-binding for the minky = TIME SAVING GENIUS! :). First, press your fashion fabric to make sure there are no creases, wrinkles, etc. You should maybe bold the part aBout keeping the end of your ruler on the fold! )  So those two blankets have been on rotation for over two years. So I wouldnt waste to much fabric, I ended up cutting the middle fabric to 20×30 and I now have a 4″ minky border all around and it still looks great :) thanks again. Click here to download our free printable “Combining Cuddle® and Cotton” tip sheet. Teresa sews her bindings with a 3/8” seam allowance (for that extra wiggle room) and pays extra attention to staying even and straight. Lap this fold an inch over the first end. Starting at that center pin and working your way outward, pin the two layers of fabric together.  (And before pinning, make sure that the backing fabric extends beyond the front fabric by 4 inches at each end.  If it’s more or less, one of the layers has stretched a bit.  So, adjust the fabric layers a bit until it’s only 4 inches at each end. I just made one in under 3 hours using cotton chevron for the front & minky on the back and it turned out great! And for fun, I added this little appliqued ‘BOY’ to the front.  But you can leave that off or add any ol’ shape you want.  But check out those mitered corners……it’s all one continuous piece from the back. Before we begin, I bought my minky at fabric.com.  They have a whole bunch of minky fabric to choose from.  They also ship for free when you order more than $35, which is pretty easy to do when you’re shopping at a fabric store.  Also, search around online for a coupon, they almost always have one running. Could you explain i to me?? Wanna join my support group? Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial. (But if not, just let me know!) How far up do you think you could size this blanket? (I used a Cuddle/minkie fabric for the center panel to make it extra snuggly, but I wouldn’t recommend minkie for both front and back because the minkie is a little trickier to work with.) My favorite size is 40 x 40 inches, it seems just perfect to wrap up and snuggle a little baby. I am so bummed and not sure how to fix it. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"c8801128d07c7c579286b5cb9f373f66560d2299-1610164681-1800"}; Repeat with the other 3 sides — line up the corresponding sides (with right sides together), match up the center pins from both layers, pin the rest of the side from the center outward, and then sew in place from the center outward.  Just be sure to stop sewing 1/2 inch before each end.Â, When you reach a corner that’s already been sewn along the neighboring side, just keep the excess fabric out of the way and sew right up until 1/2 inch before the end.  It will look like this.  Perfect.  (The flap on the corner is out of the way for the seam to be sewn along the bottom. I did great up until the corner part. Luxe Cuddle. Teresa’s favorite binding fabrics: Luxe Cuddle, How to Make a Scrunchie With Cuddle® Minky Plush Fabric, Poly-Fil® 100% Premium Polyester FiberFill, Shannon's YouTube channel www.fleecefun.com. But I have some easy tips to make sewing with minky a breeze! Hahaha…..this made me laugh! I know every child is different but there’s something about Minky that is just so cuddly and soothing.  So, with this little guy who’s on his way (about 5 more more weeks until my due date…wahoo! ), Now, it’s time to sew.  Beginning at that center pin, sew the two layers together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance in one direction, stop, and then start at the center pin and then sew in the other direction.  (Doing so will keep the pull of sewing the same and will keep your overhang of the backing fabric more consistent.). If you have any questions about Cuddle® minky plush fabrics or any of our Cuddle® Kits, feel free to contact our friendly, no-pressure customer service team at 866-624-5252. Cuddle, 3 lets you see the stitches, so it’s perfect for a serpentine stitch or other decorative stitch. This will help with marking your mitered corner. :). Before starting the blanket , I read through the instructions several times. If you have the backing fabric pulled all the way to one side, there’s lots of overhang all on one side, but once you shift the back fabric around after sewing all the sides, it re-distributes and is more like 2 inches around all sides. I have spent YEARS trying to figure out how to do this kind of backing with mitered corners!!! I had the same problem as lindsay and cut wrong. My pets also LOVE minky! Thanks for the tutorial! I just finished making a baby blanket for my sister. Before moving your minky an inch, pin those layers in place, so that you’re sure you’ll be sewing right where you need to.  (That minky stuff is slinky and you don’t want it to move and mess you up.). //]]>. ~Lindsay from Ohio. ;), My son LOVES his minky blanket that we received as a gift! Would it make it super difficult because they stretch differently? Thanks(: This is WONDERFUL! Now, if you want to applique something on the front, now is the time to do so.  (Here are some other applique ideas I used on my Knit Receiving Blankets, if you want some different templates. :) ). Also, I am a newbie sewer and discovered that if I place 1/2″ wide masking tape along all of the the wrong-side edges (top and bottom pieces), the slippery-curling-shedding is much improved. totally demystified it! I actually tied my cotton front to make sure the two pieces stayed together. This project stitches up really quickly. We made this in a baby blanket size about 29″ by 35″. Have you tried any of our other blanket tutorials? **This amount of fabric will result in a blanket that is about 30 x 40 inches…..with some leftover minky for another project. Make a beautiful, high quality Nativity throw blanket for Christmas! Folding in half place a pin in the center to mark it. My little guy loves the little bear I made him (pattern here if interested: https://www.etsy.com/listing/183803966/pdf-pattern-owen-snuggly-bear?ref=shop_home_feat_1). :), Adults can have one too, right? Now if I had followed them properly I wouldn’t of had to take apart. One question I had though…I LOVE fabric.com (we live on an air base overseas and they’re awesome on shipping time). People also ask, how do you make a Minky Blanket with binding? ), Along one of the sides, leave about an 8 inch opening for turning your blanket right side out.  (Leave the opening on one of the sides that doesn’t stretch as much.  It will help later on when closing up that hole.). It really does help those of us new to sewing. Oh I love minky! )  Just be sure that when you’re deciding where to attach them, that you remember there will be a 1/2 inch less of fabric around the edges for a seam allowance.  Then zig-zag stitch around the edges. She LOVES the Minky and simulates milking from her mother on her Minky blanket! I don’t understand, you placed the two ends at the very end and pinned together and sewed, so how do you come up with a border on all four sides when done? Please, please, please ALWAYS keep this up. I have 2 yards of fabric for both top and bottom. Do you think using a spray adhesive to attach a layer of batting to the flannel first would work? If you make your own baby blanket for friends or family, you have the option of using minky or cuddle fabric – both can be somewhat thick and very slippery. I just couldn’t help myself. If you are using a lofty batting, cut it at 2” to give yourself a little extra wiggle room. Hint: When your needle lands in the mitered corner (the seam at the corner), pivot to the next side. :) But I know, there is SO MUCH really cute minky over there, huh? Plus, making it yourself, just gives it that extra touch of love! I’m very new to sewing and you have been so helpful to me with your clear & detailed instructions multiple times. Layout the blanket 2. To create your pretty mitered corners, pick one corner to start with.  Grab the backing fabric and fold it in half diagonally, ignoring the front fabric and letting it just hide on the inside of the folded outer fabric.  You should now have a triangle shape with a fold along the diagonal edge and 2 even layers of raw edges along the flat horizontal edge (at the bottom).  If the very tip of the triangle is a little off, that’s okay…….just be sure that the 2 edges along the bottom where you sewed your front and back pieces together, are nice and evenly matched up. makes an envelope and tucks the Minky fabric in then sews with a top stitch Your email address will not be published. It’s important to cut and sew the binding carefully. This is perfect!! For the shedding, after I make the cuts, I take the pieces outside and shake vigorously. Our National Educator Teresa Coates takes you step-by-step through how to use Cuddle® minky fabric on a cotton quilt. Toll Free: 866.624.5252 I also am planning on a “grown-up” version. You mentioned it in your tutorial. You could, however, make it any size you want. Hi, just wondering if this would work with a quilt, and if the quilt backing was fleece? I haven’t tried it with minky (yet) but it was a huge help for mitering a table runner with a wide border in a contrasting color fabric. I actually just open up a shop ( https://etsy.com/shop/finddailyjoy/ )selling the same blankets and have a few more animal ideas in mind. These directions are superb as always. Oct 5, 2017 - Explore MJPRawles's board "baby blanket using minky tutorial" on Pinterest. How do you figure out the dimensions if you wanted to change the size? The back of the quilt is made using a very simple patchwork. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296674694181778518/ The stretchy side of the minky was a pain to line up with fleece, so the border ended up thinner on those sides. Yes, I wash mine in the washing machine and it comes out just fine! I have a new cousin -he would LOVE this!! Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial!! I’ve never made one that was not instantly loved. Nov 10, 2020 - Are you looking for an easy to make baby shower gift or wanting to make a cozy blanket for the little ones in your life? You can also use a walking foot on this type of fabric if you like. Fold one inch at the final end of the binding to create a finished edge. Any help would be appreciated. Is there a printer friendly version of this? I think it’s the “furry” exterior, plus the softness and warmth of it. //