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Dennis & Giselle on 01/16/05 - Set 4

On this holiday MLK weekend, the warm weather is blazing fun after 2 weeks of harsh rains here in L.A.  Here's the outlook post off Mulholland Dr.  The 101, downtown, & Hollywood Bowl are visible.

(Below, the ocean and Catalina can be seen, looking west.)

(Below, starting our hike down to the Hollywood Bowl.)

(Below, making sure our bearings and directions are correct.  I won't lose you honey, don't worry, go ahead.)

(Below, she thought I disappeared from the seats, no-fear, I re-emerged.)

(Below, So many famous performers etched this city's landmark over the years.)

(Below, so that's the frame work of all those theatrical concert lights.)

(Below, to the entrance of Runyan Canyon Park, another hike to Hollywood - Walk of Fame.  Guzelle was surprised at so many gay men, and single women with dogs, on this heavily populated loop.)

(Below, snow-capped mountains in the background.)

(Below, back to where we started today for some more romantic views of L.A.  The 101 & downtown are visible.  Ahhh, the nice spring-like breeze - only in L.A.  I love it.)

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