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To your healthy diet, and LOWERING CHOLESTEROL:

Exercising not only loses weight, but: 

1) increases health

2) increases lifespan

3) healthier looking

4) younger looking (this is best benefit I evidenced in examining many of my patients)

5) less tired during the day

6) sleep better

7) food tastes better

8) more efficient biomechanical function of the body

9) more proportional fit body (sexier looks), toner muscles

10) strengthen muscles

11) sex feels better

12) less depressed (biomechanical hormones)

13) smarter brain function (metabolically, this has been scientifically proven)

14) improved hand eye coordination (from sports participation)

15) more vibrancies of getting outdoors, avoid cabin fever

16) increases energy level and enhances work capacity

17) less pain in life (endorphin hormones released)

18) stress relieve (promotes relaxation, release tension & anxiety)

19) lowers cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis

20) lowers blood pressure

21) better adaptability to changes in temperature cold or hot

22) increases immune system (less likely to catch a cold)

23) psychological: more confidence, more productive

24) reduce your chance of getting cancer (scientifically proven thru research)

25) delays the onset of getting diabetes type 2 (if you have a predisposition to getting it)

26) increases bone density & strength (especially if you have osteoporosis)

27) may increase your chances of meeting new friends, by being outdoors

28) economically: saves you $ money by being healthy, avoid doctor bills

... and of course, weight loss.


Some caveats:

-The recommended dose is 30 minutes of sustained exercise 3-4 times per week.

-Consistency is key: Exercise should be a lifetime, lifelong commitment to yourself; becomes routine.  Don't do too much and burn out.  Marathons are not recommended.  Dr.Yenn sees many patients after the L.A. marathon w/ blisters, bruises, and stress fractures.  No good.

-Weight loss is not instant (if you weigh yourself before and after, there's no difference), but gradual over time (biochemistry).

-Remember to eat (30-60min before, and afterwards), otherwise you'll lose muscle (no good).

-Dump all your diet books (too complicated).  There's nothing fancy about exercise and eating right.  Just do it!, and ... Good luck.

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