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Dr. Dennis Yenn's Major Surgeries (3 samples)

For educational purposes only.  Permission has been granted from patients, who's names have been concealed per HIPAA.


1) Keller Arthroplasty Metatarsal Joint Salvage R foot, for Hallux Limitus/Rigitus; Cxxx, Cxxxxx 11/16/01


2) Austin Osteotomy for Bunionectomy w/ screw fixation L foot, skin biopsy R leg; Kxx, Kx Nxx 10/23/01

(and intro to hospital O.R.)


3) Resection Plantar Fibromatosis L foot; Txxxxxx, Rxxxxx 08/28/01


4) H & P report, for dictation


5) Op-Report Bunionectomy, for dictation


6) Op-Report Hammertoe Arthroplasty, for dictation


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