Mission Statement

Dr. Yenn speaks,

" One of the greatest joys in my life is seeing my patients' conditions improve.  The foot is connected to the rest of the body and it's foundation is ultimately to the soul as well. 

Growing up, I've sought for ways to help those in need; i.e. volunteering in hospitals and convalescent homes.  Classes in school have intrigued my curiosity: biology, chemistry, physics, psychology amounts to ways the body functions in all levels.

During college, I was accepted by medical school.  U.S. News magazine reported Podiatry as the hottest upcoming medical specialty in short supply.  With the U.S. health crisis in uncertainty, I found podiatry as the best opportunity to serve the public's high demanding needs.

Residency training was intensely rigorous, especially with the focus on podiatric internship with rotations in orthopedics & foot surgery with internal medicine is no exception.

The hard work has paid off, and now it's my turn to serve the patients of my community.

I work together with my patients needs and concerns to formulate the best options for their conditions. "

As you can see, Podiatry has its rewards.  It involves sports medicine, injuries, dermatology, neurology, vascular, biomechanics, surgery, orthopedics, wound care, and medicine.  Dr. Yenn provides comprehensive patient care by approaching many facets of his practice: hospital consults, clinics, medical groups 1   2   3   4   5, outpatient surgeries, board & care, and house calls.  There is never a dull moment and he enjoys the variety of living everyday differently.  He also enjoys regular work hours, and time to spend with family & friends.  A career in podiatry is one of the best kept secrets.


- Dr. Dennis Yenn, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine    www.dyenn.com